Pam is a Holistic Practitioner working with both humans and animals. She specializes in energy healing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and animal wellness sessions.

Pam is a Reiki practitioner, a graduate of both the Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing and RAPHA, a unique school that “specializes in working to promote healthy relationships for people and the animals they love”.

Here’s what some clients have to say

Pamela is very personable and genuine in her energy work with both people and pets. Her expertise in Reiki and various other energy work compliments each other providing you the client with healing benefits. Great Job Pam!

Kris S.

I really enjoyed the session I had with Pam. I found it to be very relaxing and peaceful. I could also feel tingling in areas that had been painful for me in the past. I left the session feeling great.

Carol R.

Pamela is an excellent resource for several energy work modalities. I found her to be very knowledgeable, easy to connect with, helpful and very insightful. She has a great heart to help and for healing, and I highly recommend her services!

Kathy S.

Upon seeing Pam for some Reiki energy work, I was a bit skeptical as far as the process and results from receiving this type of modality. Pam educated me on the process, benefits and significance of energy work and immediately made me feel more comfortable with the experience. Her knowledge and expertise in this alternative option came through as during the experience, she explained what she was doing, why she was doing it and what the meanings and results should feel like when completed. I felt relaxed and more open minded afterward and would definitely go to Pam again for another session.

Tracy G.

Pam did a great job performing Reiki/energy work while I rested on a comfortable massage table. I had some shoulder problems that healed quickly without any surgery and it complemented the treatment I was receiving from a physical therapist. She made me feel at ease, and I could feel that the energy work she performed was working – it varies by person but I could feel some tingling sensation in parts of the body, but was very comfortable throughout. Afterword, my shoulder was feeling better. After a couple of sessions, my range of motion improved without pain. I highly recommend that you should have any ailments – either physical or mental, consider working with Pam Moderski.

Mike E.